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Pioneer Rhee Ki Ha IX
Pioneer Rhee Ki Ha International Course & Grading
Cheltenham - 4th & 5th March 2023

Authentic Centres for the Excellence of Taekwon-Do (A.C.E.) Hosted it’s first Pioneer Rhee Ki Ha approved and certified Blackbelt Training course & Grading of 2023 in Cheltenham on the 4th & 5th March 2023

The event was hosted by Mr Harry Limer V Dan at the YMCA centre In Cheltenham

The Course was conducted by A.C.E. President Grand Master Paul Cutler IX Dan, & Grand Master Ray O’Neill IX Dan, along with other A.C.E. Masters Present and offering assistance where needed were Senior Master Derek Blackburn VIII Dan, Master Ian Britton VII Dan, Master Steve Proctor VII Dan &Master Andrew  Glasby VII Dan, and visiting Master David Hodson VII Dan

This course was quite special in that our Patron Pioneer Rhee Ki Ha - First Grand Master, who had planned to attend was still actually present throughout the weekend via an internet link. It was great for him to talk to us via the Ipad and TV Monitor screens, he also over looked the grading exam on the Sunday and Promoted our visiting Instructor from Canada Mr. Rudy Johnson to VII Dan Master awarded.

A great weekend was had by all.


Promoted to VII Dan (Master)

Mr Rudy Johnson - ITF TAO - Canada

Promoted to III Dan

Mr Matthew Dryden - Stonehenge

Promoted to I Dan

Mr. Gary Clark - Stonehenge

Miss Alice Booth - Stonehenge

The host Mr. Limer also arranged a fantastic social evening on the 
Saturday evening at a local restaurant.