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Oakville - Canada
28~29th January 2017 
ITF-Tao Technical Conference.jpg

FGMR was invited as Guest of honour at the 2017 Technical Conference and AGM, in Oakville Canada, hosted by ITF-TAO.

FGMR spent a week in Canada from 26th January ~ 1st February, accompanied on this occasion by Grand Master Ray O’Neill, they spent a week travelling, assisting & advising Masters, Instructors & Students within ITF-TAO.

On Sunday 29th January FGMR was invited to conduct a grading exam for  two members of ITF-TAO, both students were successful in their promotions, Sergio Plaja was promoted to VII Dan Master, and Hansue Tanaka was promoted to V Dan.

A great sight seeing trip to Niagara Falls was arranged as well as a visit to London ON to the School of Mrs Cathy Hadubiak III Dan, students spend a great  evening with FGMR asking a variety of questions and each receiving a signed photo of FGMR.

FGMR thanked the host Mr. Mike Morningstar and all Masters, Instructors & Students for their hospitality during the week.

ITF-Tao Technical Conference meeting.jpg

ITF-TAO Instructors at their Annual General Meeting held during FGMR’s visit

Master Plaja & Tasue Tanaka - Grading.jpg Oakridge TKD Canada.jpg

Successfully promoted by FGMR:-

Master Sergio Plaja VII Dan

Hansue Tanaka V Dan

Visit to Oakridge TKD School in London Ontario with Mrs Cathy Hadubiak III Dan
Where students had an evening with FGMR
Dinner with ITF-TAO Executive-08.jpg A photo in the Snowy climate of Canada after an evening meal with the 
ITF-TAO Executive committee
FGMR & ITF-TAO guests Niagara-01.jpg FGMR Niagara Falls.jpg A great visit to Niagara Falls
The First of Many 
UK 50th Anniversary Seminars
Kick off in Dundee
FGMR Dundee May 2017.jpg Dundee-01.jpg Dundee-03.jpg

The First UK50th Anniversary Seminar with Pioneer First Grand Master Rhee Ki Ha took place in Dundee on 6th May 2017, hosted by Miss Zoe Tate V Dan and Mr. Robert Dolan V Dan.

A fantastic day was had by all.

UK 50th Anniversary Seminar
Northern Ireland
21st May 2017

Pioneer First Grand Master Rhee Ki Ha IX Dan was  invited to Northern Ireland by the A.C.E. President and loyal Student of F.G.M.R. Grand Master Paul Cutler IX Dan, the event was part of the UK50th celebration seminars F.G.M.R. Is conducting throughout the year.

A Fantastic seminar was well attended from students all over Ireland and the UK.

A celebration dinner was held in honour of F.G.M.R. where local Instructors were invited to attend.

During the seminar F.G.M.R. demonstrated a newly developed technique called ‘Buri Sonkut’ - ‘Beak Finger’ FGMR pioneered this technique after watching Swans & Ducks defend themselves using their Beaks, FGMR demonstrated its effect by breaking a piece of wood with the move.

Grand Master Paul Cutler made a presentation to FGMR of some custom made ‘Golf Balls’ depicting FGMR’s logo.

All students received a special A3 UK50th Anniversary certificate for attending the event.

20170521_154949119_iOS.jpg 20170521_123535522_iOS.jpg Golf Balls.jpg 20170521_123940888_iOS.jpg
Celebration Dinner with Gust of Honour F.G.M.R.
F.G.M.R. Demonstrating - Buri Sonkut - Beak Finger on Wood
Grand Master Paul Cutler presenting F.G.M.R. With special 
Golf Balls depicting his Logo
Grand Master Paul Cutler the Host for the event receiving
His Special certificate from F.G.M.R.
2nd July 2017
UK50th Seminar Coventry.jpg Tim Helstrip.jpg Alex & Kids.jpg Clock Presentation.jpg GMPC & GMRO.jpg

2nd July 2017 - Woodlands Academy, Coventry marked an historic day for Taekwon-Do in the United Kingdom, it was exactly 50 years ago to the day that Pioneer Rhee Ki Ha IX the Father of British Taekwon-Do came to Coventry UK and started the first ever Taekwon-Do class in the same venue.

FIFTY years later over 250 Taekwon-Do students Past, Present and perhaps the Future all came together to celebrate the 50th Anniversary with F.G.M.R.

It was simply a fantastic day to celebrate this huge milestone in Taekwon-Do, the entire complex full with Taekwon-Do students from 10th Kup to IX Dan from all over the UK, and from countless organisations.

We also had a special Live Facetime connection with FGMR’s Son Senior Master Andrew Rhee VIII Dan from ITFA Headquarters in Australia

All students received a beautiful certificate of attendance, after the seminar FGMR had an celebration meal with close friends and Family.

F.G.M.R. Promoting Timothy Helstrip to VIII Dan - Senior Master
SM Rhee.jpg F.G.M.R. With his Daughter Alexandra and his 
two Grand Children
Senior Master Andrew Rhee VIII Dan Participating in the Seminar
with a Live Facetime link from ITFA Headquarters in Australia
50th Cert- GMO.jpg Image of Certificate received by all who attended
Seminar.jpg Grand Master’s Cutler & O’Neill assisting F.G.M.R.
Presentation of a special unique clock by Cameron
Jeffries on behalf of Stonehenge School
FGMR Glass.jpg 50th Cakes.jpg Cake Cutting.jpg

F.G.M.R. cutting the cake at the Celebration meal with close Friends and immediate family of F.G.M.R.

Buri Sonkut.jpg
F.G.M.R. Demonstrating breaking a wooden
Board with Buri Sonkut - Beak Finger